Monday, March 30, 2015

Pissed-Off Bathroom Signs Of The Day

Can you blame them? People are pigs sometimes.

Craigslist Ad Of The Day: Vagina Jacket

best of craigslist > montreal


You've seen them 'round town.

Black, quilted, coveted, down-filled Mackage-brand parkas with a distinctive "Asian raccoon" tail that envelops the nape of the neck and intersects in an overlapping V of soft "ecological fur" just shy of the breast bone.

Sexy and sexual, my friend Hendrik aptly dubbed this the "vagina jacket".

Not only does the vagina jacket actually look like an unshaven vagina birthing your head to the cold!

But like the actual vagina, the vagina jacket also keeps you feeling warm and safe, like you're still partially immersed in the womb of summer.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to feel reborn.

Details: black ladies size Small. It's crotch-length, of course!

Cost: Retails new from $500-900. I'd love $200, but try me. Put the Ohhhhhh in OBO!

All proceeds from this sale will go towards getting me as far away from winter as possible.

Trailer Of The Day: Spectre

Bond. James Bond.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Bungled Bathrooms Of The Day

Bathroom designs gone wrong, courtesy of Daisy.

Hang 'em high!

They have an open door policy.

The Cone Head.

Your throne awaits!

For Siamese Twins?

PEEping Tom!

For the long arm of the stall

Make sure you put the seat down!

Fixed it!

Hope you can ride sidesaddle.

News: Broken Traffic Signal Flips Off Pedestrians

You go, signal! I hate jaywalkers too.
Broken Traffic Signal Flips Off Pedestrians

The city of Fort Collins on Thursday has fixed a traffic signal that gives pedestrians an obscene hand gesture instead of an order to stop.

It is unclear for how long the signal, at the corner of Johnson Drive near Creekside Park, had been malfunctioning.

But traffic engineer Joe Olson said as soon as the city is informed of such problems, they are usually fixed within one business day.

For emergencies, such as flashing traffic lights, it is typically fixed within the hour.

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